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I've been working on the second volume of berserk lately and I'm currently about 60% done with the first chapter (123 pages) so I should be done here pretty soon. Although I still need to scan & upload it. Anyway, the next installment of the berserk series should be up within the next few days.

As for Vagabond, that should be ready sometime after my current project (berserk vol.2)

Btw, as hinted above, I've decided to release berserk translations "chapter-by-chapter". Otherwise, if I was to release them "volume-by-volume", you would most likely have to wait 2-3 weeks for each translation (and I didn't think you wanted that). I'm doing it this way so you guys can get more berserk stuff more often. Anyway, I'm shooting for a release of around 75-125 new pages a week.

 --- Mike T


-As Promised- a 33 page preview (complete with translations) of my upcoming translation of the epic Samurai Ledged "Vagabond" is UP!! These are of course the first 33 pages (33/240 pages) of the 1st volume, which gives you a quick taste of what the action is like in "Vagabond" (and there's lot's of auction in this series) Anyway, Check it out here. A link to the preview can also be found in the Upcoming projects section. Please let me know what you think of the preview on the message board!

Although it's not currently on my Upcoming projects page, I am also working on a translation of the 2nd volume of -Berserk-. (so don't worry!) I'll most likely be adding that to my upcoming projs. page soon...

On another note, I fixed some minor linking errors in the berserk page. Thanks to people like you who report them! =) Which reminds me, if you notice a link error in one of my translations (ie translations don't match the pic etc.) let me know on the double! Problems like that can only be fixed if you tell me!

*ROAR* Today marks the start of my 3 & 1/2 week vacation! In other words, I should be getting more then a couple translations done. Stay tuned...

--- Mike T


Got a couple of reports that people can't access my berserk Translation (both the pics and the text). This is because the server that hosts the bulk of my scans (artistnation.com) likes to periodically go off line for maintenance at ...well...strange hours during the day. At any rate, the files are accessible about 90-95% of the day, so if you can't get through, try again! They are a great host though don't get me wrong! (free unlimited web space, no adds, unlimited bandwith, etc)

Got several requests for a printer friendly "text version" of my translation of berserk. So I've decided to upload it. It can be found in the My Translations section, or you can download it here. It's really useful if you already have the manga.

Been working a bit on my next translations: "Vagabond", and its going well. I've decided that I might release a 20 page preview to give you guys a taste of this series. Like to hear what you think! 

More then a couple people have complained about the "the best site on the web" title that I had. It was not intended to be offensive. Anyway, I changed it.

--- Mike T


Hi! Welcome to the grand opening of my super cool Manga translations site, known simply as "Majestic Translations". This site will house my Manga translations and scans for everyone to see (for free of course). I plan on allocating a substantial portion of my time to translating and updating this page on a regular basis, so make sure to check back often!

For the grand opening of my site I decided to release a Full translation, complete w/ scans of one of my faviorte Japanese comics, Berserk. The entire 219 page, volume 1 of berserk is UP! So check it out!

I'm also currently woking on a full translation of one of the best selling Mangas in Japan, "Vagabond" volume 1 (240 pages), an amazing Samurai epic, inspired by the Japanese Ledgend "Musashi" (Miyamoto Musashi). You can see more about this in my upcoming projects page.

Stay Tuned!!

--- Mike T